Epac Proprietary Limited in Melbourne


All prices include GST

  • Standard service $99
  • Attempted service $88
  • Urgent/Special service $165
  • Urgent/Special  attempted service $132
  • Same day service $187
  • A kilometre charge of $1.10/km applies if required service address is  more than 15 K from Fitzroy.
  • pickup fee add $55
  • if an acknowledgement of service is requested an extra fee of $15 applies

Please note : We do not offer our services to individuals, we only offer our services to legal businesses.

Standard service rates are for jobs that are received at least 7 days before they require service.

Urgent/special  applies to any job that requires service/attempt  within 5 business days of being received.

Any job which requires service outside the hours of 9 AM to 5PM may attract the urgent/special service fee.

Please note that any job which requires service more than 15 Kilometres from Fitzroy may attract the urgent/special fee in addition to a fee for kilometres travelled.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.


*Same day service is dependent on availability of local agents. Please contact us to check availability.